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Links to often used resources and local businesses

Military Spouses

Air Force CrossroadsAir Force Crossroads is dedicated to the building of community among Air Force members and their families through more efficient and effective ways

Fort Dix MWRThe Fort Dix Moral, Welfare, & Recreation center provides links and infomation to the services they provide to the Tri-Base military community and beyond. It's worth a visit to learn what you might be doing that would be more fun than reading this!

McGuire Family Support CenterThe Family support center provides a wide variety of services to help us all adjust to a new base, or learn more about it even if we are old hands. Don't miss out on important family life opportunities

McGuire Officers SpousesThe McGuire Officers' Spouses' Club (MOSC) exists to promote friendship and unify the interests and activities at McGuire AFB and in the civilian community. Links about the Thrift Shop and other activities can be found here.

McGuire/Dix Privatized HousingOh sure, most of us here today won't see any of this by the time it gets started, (unless you just settled here), but this site provides information about the upcoming privatization effort from the contractor. Proposed house layouts and plans available.

Military Child Education CoalitionThe Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes partnerships and provides for networking of military installations and their supporting school districts.

Military One SourceI love this site. Here you will find an abundance of information relating to the family, education, employment, moving, and of course loads of military related materials.

MilitarySpouse.OrgA Military Spouse Resource Center for Education, Training, and Employment - Linking you to better jobs in your new community.

Tri-Care OnlineThis site is only a few years old now and is a great place to visit and learn more about the military medical benifits and look up specific medical needs information.

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