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Do you have a small business that caters to the military community surrounding the Patuxent River Naval Station?

Have a small 'active duty' family business located on, or off base? I will be happy create and maintain an advertisement for that business -- and display that ad within these pages at no cost. Creating and maintaining a home business is a lot of work. Let's help each other know about the fine services that we provide to an elite group of people. Just give me a call and we can talk about your ideas and how to promote your business.

On or Off-Base non-military businesses can also place a short or long term ad on this web site, dedicated to reaching a specific and important audience to our community. As the advertising mechanisms are built into this site and appropriate traffic is established, there will only be a small fee associated with each ad. In fact, if I believe in your product I probably won't charge you until the full system is developed and implemented.

I actually have an aversion to marketing in general. It is not my intent to beat the visitors of this site to a pounding of ongoing external advertisements. As the site grows I will be replacing many of the ads that now appear with more helpful content and minimizing any ads with placements appropriate to the user. I adhere to a "No Ad Pop-Up/Under" policy.

For now, please excuse what I will call 'placeholders'. I will continue to use Amazon, Goggle, an others to display other available products and services, but my goal is to customize those ads more closely to the content they are presented with. Yes, I have accounts at Goggle and Amazon where on rare occasions I get a very small fee when someone clicks through on one of the ads. These fees do help to pay for things that would normally be added to the overhead, increasing the rate structure for services provided.

The bottom line is, if you are not interested in anything on any of the ads, please don't click on them. I'll try to make the ads obvious, and keep them out of the way.

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